What's it been like to reemerge from the pandemic? What are you noticing?
by Sara Campbell
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that moment when you and a friend are about to hug for the first time in over a year, but you both check in first to make sure it’s ok with the other person, and it is ok, and the hug happens. it’s beautiful.
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Last spring, I remember saying how I lost my ability to believe that the future would actually happen. Things became so uncertain, and then we just lived with that low hum of uncertainty. And yesterday I booked plane tickets for a wedding in the fall and found myself thinking “but who knows what the world will look like then” and had to say, wait, the future is happening again. I am trying to remember how to trust that the future will happen. Slowly, slowly.
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My son graduated high school and the principal remarked in his speech that they still managed several socially distanced senior pranks. They put a huge “for sale” sign in front of the school with his cell phone number on it. Ha!
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