What should I write about next?
by Sara Campbell
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I love your newsletter. Selfishly, I would love to read you writing about how to let go of things we love, which are bad for us. (In my case, that would be my ex fiancé who cheated on me a huge amount, would want an open relationship, and has been antagonistic in the reconciliation process... 🙃). But in general, that painful period of leaving something and wanting it, the logical/emotional conflict and how hard it is!
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Advice/retrospection on living in your 20s. I’m a 20-something who just realized he knows nothing! Would love any sort of perspective on navigating a period of life that feels to me like being unmoored and pulverized all at once.
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Dating in the pandemic. I’ve wondered about that! I’m 72 years young and love your honest newsletter.
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The nervous breakdown!
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I needed the reminder that some things are difficult but still worth it, that the struggle is a reward. My dissertation feels immensely difficult but that's how it should be. But surviving a pandemic AND a shitty winter feel difficult with little reward or meaning. And I can't as easily shed those from my days. How are you getting through? I'm looking at my window and it's gray and sleeting and it's hard to focus. I really love your newsletter and your vulnerability. Any advice you have is welcome.
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How not to hate my friends re: our varied responses to the pandemic. I'm just RAGING that many friends and peers seem to be traveling, enjoying time with family.... I'm trying to do the responsible thing for safety (stay home! Wait for a shot!) and I can't help but hate them a little. Help me part with this thought.... I'm trying to stay in my own lane but it's hard.
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Love to hear about how to live with repeat bouts of depression, etc
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