I'm interested in starting a tiny driver book club! What books would you be interested in reading and talking about?
by Ida
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"Draft No. 4: On the Writing Process," by John McPhee! It also appeared in the New Yorker as a series of essays.
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The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron
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Past, current and future politics of the world.
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Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. I’ve already read it but I would love to read again in a group to discuss. I also recently purchased books about writing memoir that I’m excited to dive into.
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Ocean Vuong and Jhumpa Lahiri are among my favorite authors. Also love The Interpreter by Suki Kim. :)
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Yes yes yes! The books you have listed are a great start. Really interested in diving deeper into Julia Cameron's work.
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Yes please to everything here!! I would love to be part of a book club specifically about writing and related topics. I second any recommendation for Bird by Bird and also suggest "Letters to a Young Writer" by Colum Colum McCann.
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Bird by Bird (Anne Lamott), Zen in the Art of Writing (Bradbury) Also love the list already in the newsletter :)
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Self help and motivational books! Focusing on self care, mental health, growth, confidence, etc.
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I haven't read any of his books (just articles and talks), but Peter Elbow publishes and focuses on freewriting and "the democratization of writing" -- his books or articles may be good options to consider. Honestly, I think following his advice for freewriting during a psych evaluation heavily skewed my diagnosis because they expected me to be more stressed in my evaluation.
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