What's your relationship with your body? Has it changed over the years? Is it true that we become more accepting of ourselves as of our bodies as we grow older? Do you see your body as its own willful creature or as something that you have a nurturing/symbiotic relationship with?
by Nanya
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Older and wiser! Yes we become more accepting of our bodies as we grow older. I also think we are privileged to have the internet that (dependent on ones content consumption) provides avenues for reading, thinking and accepting body positivity, nutritional facts, and as a forum to know that you are not alone in certain experiences (eg. body shaming, cover your butt!). Something that I think the older generation lacked. Certain platforms and pages such as Dr. Cuterus, shethepeople, etc are quite helpful in addressing issues that one might be afraid to ask the Doc, a parent or a friend. Definitely the girls (and guys!) today are more aware about normal body functions (such as periods, pills, infections, hair, sex) and this to a great extent eases the mental state, physical acceptability, and improves relationships with self and others. My own relationship with my body changed with subscribing to good researched content and weight/functional training. I realised certain muscle groups: how they affect and change with exercise. What's their purpose and how to make them better. I think working out is so under-rated for growing up teens and young adults. For a lot of them, its about grades and looking slim not as a means to be energetic and fit. Certain activities such as trekking, or sports were either mandatory as part of school or a summer vacation event. This has changed. I have also come to terms that both mental and physical rest is important and that it is a human body- it is suppose to change! one cannot have the same weight or cms as a few years, months or weeks ago. And that is okay, as long as one is happy and healthy- being influenced by unrealistic beauty standards and comparisons with other people will take a backseat.
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